Cold Stone Creamery® Locations

Cold Stone Creamery - 20477

  • 2910 Pine Lake Rd
  • Lincoln, Nebraska 68516
  • 4024202999

Cold Stone Creamery - 20780

  • 17304 Davenport St
  • Omaha, Nebraska 68118
  • 4025054192

Cold Stone Creamery - 20787

  • 2055 N 120th St
  • Omaha, Nebraska 68164
  • 4025022775

Cold Stone Creamery - 21734

  • 3220 Farnam St
  • Omaha, Nebraska 68131
  • 4023591719

Cold Stone Creamery - 22214

  • 206 Wilmar Ave
  • Grand Island, Nebraska 68803
  • 3083847866

Cold Stone Creamery - 22242

  • 402 E Leota St
  • North Platte, Nebraska 69101
  • 3085345429

Cold Stone Creamery - 23489

  • 12746 Westport Parkway
  • La Vista, Nebraska 68138
  • 4029052897

Cold Stone Creamery - 23607

  • 2110 S 67th St
  • Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • 5314667619

Cold Stone Creamery - 24011

  • 21209 Nebraska Crossing Dr
  • Gretna, Nebraska 68028
  • 4023320331

Cornhusker Fans Go Crazy for Cold Stone Cakes Make your next celebration sweeter than ever with a delicious dessert treat from Cold Stone Creamery. Kids and adults from all over the great state of Nebraska love the irresistible blend of our premium ice cream, mix-ins, and moist cake, all topped off with a sweet frosting or fudge ganache. Whether you’re throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend or family member, or you’re hosting a fundraiser, Cold Stone has a dessert treat that your guests will love. Choose one of these sweet treats for your next event in Nebraska. Signature Cakes,Ice Cream Cupcakes Cold Stone Signature Cakes are Everybody’s Favorite Your guests will love indulging in one of our signature cakes at your next event. They’ll savor every forkful of the delicious blend of premium ice cream, mix-ins, and mouthwatering cake. Every one of our cakes is glazed with a sweet frosting or fudge ganache that make them simply irresistible. Our lineup of signature cakes include the following and more: Cake Batter Confetti™ - Red Velvet Cake and Cake Batter® Ice Cream with rainbow sprinkles, covered in sweet fluffy white frosting Cookies and Creamery™ - Layers of Devil’s Food cake, sweet cream ice cream, and OREO® cookies, topped with a delicious frosting Cookie Dough Delirium™ - Moist Yellow Cake and Sweet Cream Ice Cream mixed with cookie dough and rich chocolate shavings, wrapped in yummy white frosting Cold Stone Ice Cream Cupcakes Are Perfect for Fundraisers There’s no better way to treat your fundraiser guests than with our ice cream cupcakes. From Omaha to Lincoln, people all over Nebraska love these individualized treats. Our cupcakes are filled with premium ice cream, cake and fudge, placed in a Belgian chocolate cup, and topped off with a swirl of frosting. Pick from any of the following three flavors, or get a few variety packs for the event! Cake Batter™ Delux,Sweetest Cream™,Double Chocolate Devotion™